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CONTACT US / ENP Server Hosting Advertisement
« Last post by Nacho on February 03, 2016, 07:46:15 pm »
Every business needs a server, it doesn't matter if it's for running mission critical applications, a database or even a simple website. Or maybe you are not a business at all, maybe you are just an individual wanting to play with your friends on Minecraft or to talk on Teamspeak. The point is no matter what your needs are, you need a server hosting service. The chances are you have gone from host to host trying to find the best one for you but you have come up empty handed and frustrated; whether it be the lack of support from your host, or the server simply not fitting your needs, and now you just don't know what to do.

Well, now you do.

At ENP we are dedicated to giving you the best server experience possible. We use high quality hardware to ensure that you get the best performance possible. Our leading edge DDoS protection ensures that any attacks made against your server are nullified, thus keep your services untouched. We do not oversell our ram and all of our hardware is owned by us so you can count on it being fast and reliable.

We allow our clients to choose what operating system they want on their server. No longer are you limited to the standard selection of operating systems that most hosts only offer. With us you are free to choose whatever operating system you want, we have it all whether it be; Windows, FreeBSD, or your favorite Linux distribution.

Our goal is your satisfaction, when it comes to support we go above and beyond to make our clients satisfied. We offer 1 on 1 support over Skype as well as over the phone. And if you need help transferring files from your old host or setting something up, we are here to help. We believe in getting our customers what they need to get their job done. If your server needs differ from what you see on our website, we will work with you to get you what you need. Whether it is a dedicated server box, more IPs, larger disk space, etc we can do it!

All our hosting plans come with a free complementary subdomain and an additional separate FTP backup server so you can store your files securely and easily. We also can do periodic backups of your server to make sure you do not loose all of your valuable data in the event of your server being rendered unusable, for example if you are hacked or doing a critical user error.

To learn more or if you are interested in buying service, please go to our website at www.2enp.com or give us a call at 1(602) 600-5214.
CONTACT US / Re: Competitor: Cube World
« Last post by GarretSidzaka on July 24, 2014, 12:38:05 pm »
just kidding this game sucks
CONTACT US / Re: If you do...
« Last post by GarretSidzaka on October 28, 2013, 11:23:04 am »
We might make some small games before this main one, or during.  This depends on how soon we get "done" with minesworn
CONTACT US / We are now at linkedin
« Last post by GarretSidzaka on September 06, 2013, 11:46:15 am »

here is the profile if you want to follow it!  thanks again
CONTACT US / If you do...
« Last post by botcrusher on August 21, 2013, 11:59:41 am »
If you do accept my application I would also love to make some 2d side games under the Endangered Noob Productions banner, Ranging to anything from platformers to turn based strategy, and potentially with networking capabilities depending on the game. As the main language I work the most comfortably with is gml i may be the only programmer on these side games. Making side games could also make people more aware of Endangered Noob before the release of the "Secret project." Either way it's up to you but i just wanted to put that out there
CONTACT US / Words of Wisdom!
« Last post by GarretSidzaka on May 24, 2013, 04:45:17 pm »
On 05/23/13 12:50 AM, Anthony wrote:
I've been working on designing a MMO PvP world-builder-sim that has a business model set to compete with minecraft. MineSworn is a custom modded minecraft server I created, but minecraft is as flawed as it is revolutionary. My game has a blend of real time strategy elements, WBS building, and massively-multiplayer, multi-server architecture.

What is your advice for me to get this idea off the ground?

Quote from: Derek Paxton
VP of Stardock Entertainment
   It sounds like an incrediably ambicious idea. The temptation is to take game A we love, add game B we love and create an even better game. But games don't work like that.

Instead of thinking about the sum of the parts consider the very finite reosurce of the players attention. What should the player be focusing on as he plays? What is he thinking about? The limits of that attention are th elimits oyu have to design in.

That doesn't mean that a minecraft type of game with all the parts you mentioned wouldnt work. Just that you should consider what the player thinks about as he plays minecraft, as he plays an rts game, as he plays a builder and figure out which mindset you want the player to be in as he plays your game. You can't expect that the player is going to juggle back and forth between them.

What is the key focus of your game?

If it is building something minecraft style, then do the rts elements improve that building process? Maybe they do. Maybe being able to build gun turrets that automate and do things will make building matter more. And thats great, but never lose focus on what those gun turrets design intention are, they are an outlet for the building system.

If there is a lot of tension on the defense side and that gun turret is a very strategic decision that strongly effects the game then the player is no longer thinking about his world and his environment in a minecraft builder way. In which case the player will want more control over the deployment and control of the gun and the casual builder part of the game will be getting in his way.

Its not that having a gun turret is bad. It could work or not. Its all about what is the design intent for it and how does it improve the core gameplay of the game. The best games understand exactly what their key decisions are, and everything else supports those decisions. They are not a culmination of features, but one purpose that everything else funnels into.

Hopefully that helps. But if it doesn't just remember I'm just one guy and I broke almost all the rules I've listed about with Fall from Heaven and Fallen Enchantress, so take it with a grain of salt. :)

- Derek

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